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                  About Alantra

                  Alantra is an independent entity specializing in products and services of high added value in the mid-market segment. Founded in 2001, Alantra is a partnership, namely a company made up of active professional partners who work for it on an exclusive and dedicated basis and who are ultimately liable for its fate.

                  With a strong local presence in the main European markets (see Offices), the Group activities can be grouped in two business areas:

                  Financial Advisory
                  Alantra's global offer in this area is structured in two departments: Investment Banking (M&A, Capital Markets, Debt and Credit Portfolio transactions) and Institutional Services (Research, Sales and Placings). This division has 184 professionals in seven European markets, shoring up its strategy for the provision of pan-European service: strong local teams coupled with cross-border capabilities. Last year N+1 advised its clients on 70 transactions.

                  Asset Management
                  Alantra is an investment platform specialised in advising on, promoting, developing and managing investment products. This business unit manages six classes of assets, including private equity, real estate, activist funds, distress assets, debt and energy asset management. The asset management business also has a wealth management and advisory unit. At year-end it had 98 employees and €2.94 billion of assets under management.

                  Messier Maris & Associés
                  NOR Capital
                  Key info
                  Founded in:
                  10% employees
                  90% employees
                  Santiago Eguidazu
                  Chairman and CEO

                  He holds a Degree in Economics and Business Studies (Universidad Autónoma, Madrid) and is an Economist of State. Deputy Chairman of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, SV, S.A. (1999-2000), and Partner, CEO and Deputy Chairman of the AB Asesores Group (1987-1999). General Secretary of the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Energy (1985-1987).

                  CEO Asset Management

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                  He started his professional career in 1989 at the Equity Capital Markets Division of Bancapital (Grupo Mercapital). In 1991 he moved to Mexico as a founding partner and Head of Research at AB Asesores Moneda, a Latin-American financial service company. In 1995 he became Managing Director and lead the expansion of this Group in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. In 1999, after the acquisition of AB Asesores by MSDW, he moved to New York as Managing Director and Head of Equities of Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein for Latam & EMEA. Finally, returned to Madrid in 2002 to re-join his partners of AB Asesores at N+1 (now Alantra Group), where he has been involved in the development of the Asset Management (Active Funds, Private Equity, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Debt) and Capital Raising activities.
                  He has been a Director at Azkoyen and GAM and continues as Board Member of CIE Automotive and Tubos Reunidos.

                  Mark Pensaert

                  Mark Pensaert studied law at the University of Ghent (Belgium) and holds a Master’s in Law from the University of Cambridge – UK.

                  In 1988, he started his professional career at Lazard Brothers in London. In 1993, he returned to Belgium to become Chief Financial Officer of a number of family-owned companies. In 2001, he rejoined Lazard Frères in Paris to concentrate on the Benelux M&A business and in 2004 set up the Lazard Amsterdam office to become the head of Benelux. Mark Pensaert joined Leonardo & Co. in 2008, where he was responsible for the start-up and development of a European network in seven countries, in charge of the day-to-day running of Leonardo & Co., the integration of the various countries’ organisations and closely involved in the European origination and execution of high-profile mandates, building noteworthy expertise in the banking & insurance and industrial sectors. He currently is Managing Partner of the Alantra’s office in Benelux and Head of Investment Banking.

                  Franck Portais
                  Managing Partner & CEO of Alantra France

                  Franck Portais is Head of Corporate Finance in France. Franck, who was previously Managing Director of goetzpartners Corporate Finance in Paris, has extensive experience in M&A and Private Equity, having advised on more than 50 transactions with a total value of over €10bn during the last 10 years.

                  c/ Padilla 17, Madrid, 28006, Spain
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